The Virtuális Ipari Park Kft. is in the unique machine-building market since 2002. We deliver customized solutions for our partners at short notice, many areas of the industry. Reliable quality equipment designed to operate only basic elements can be incorporated, so only these are featured and used up.
We sell industrial systems sold as a raw material, but the building blocks are delivered unfinished state is desired, cut to size, machined. Most of the time they ask for a complex solution when the finished structure, equipment is delivered and installed.
The dry ice cleaning industry since 2009. among our activities. We can help our partners to effectively work, the lowest possible production interruptions, and lowest impact on the environment with this eco-friendly method.

Trade of industrial systems

PROFILE for the professionals

The company has since 2005 represented the German MayTec system in Hungary. MayTec certain products in the huge range of stock, immediately we deliver to our customers. Due to its 100% German warehouse any of the items within a week we can supply our customers' disposal.

MayTec product groups:

The PDF catalog can also be downloaded from product groups, in several languages, but is available in printed form:

3Ddesign software, available for download in 20 minutes, not just for designers

free 3D design software for the profile systems

free 3D design software for the Pipe & Joint System

… loose and easy lifting

The company has since 2007 represented the Swedish Pronomic in Hungary 
PRONOMIC is a leading global supplier of ergonomic lifting equipment and material handling equipment. Through our modular product design and vast experience of customisations we provide our customers with smart lifting aids tailored to suit their individual needs. With the help of improved ergonomics and ease of use, we increase our customers' productivity while preventing the risk of strain injuries. We specialize in solutions for loads up to 300kg. We will help you find the best ergonomic and most economical solution for whatever handling process you have in mind.
The following Pronomic products are available:

Individual machines and equipment

…You dream it, we build it!

Thanks to our accumulated experience over the years, the MayTec System flexibility and a stable sub-contractors in many areas of industry, realistic deadlines, fair prices we undertake unique, special machines and equipment building. You can sort the following groups:

Material handling, storage

  • Conveyor with belt, plastic chain, roller, pallet
  • Material storage cabinets, carts, racks

Occupational safety, security

  • Machine coverings, with active and passive safety features

Workstations, Desktops

  • Unique built according to ergonomic workplaces
  • ESD protected workstations
  • Mounting Cell

platform vehicle body

  • platform body for trucks, fire trucks and demolition expert


  • Exhibition Stands, totem poles, advertising hoardings

Cleaning with dry ice

…It takes everything!

Dry ice cleaning is the most modern and cleanest form of industrial cleaning.
This technology is unique environmental point of view because it does not take into the purified system either liquid or chemicals!

How does CO2 Blasting Work?

CO2 blasting works because of three primary factors: pellet kinetic energy, thermal shock effect and thermal-kinetic effect. 
Since kinetic impact force is a product of the pellet mass and velocity over time, the delivery system achieves the greatest impact force possible from a solid CO2 pellet by propelling the pellets to the highest velocities attainable in the blasting industry. Instantaneous sublimation (phase change from solid to gas) of CO2 pellet upon impact absorbs maximum heat from the very thin top layer of surface coating or contaminant. Maximum heat is absorbed due to latent heat of sublimation. The very rapid transfer of heat into the pellet from the coating top layer creates an extremely large temperature differential between successive micro-layers within the coating. This sharp thermal gradient produces localized high shear stresses between the micro-layers. The shear stresses produced are also dependent upon the coating thermal conductivity and thermal coefficient of expansion / contraction, as well as the thermal mass of the underlying substrate.  The combined impact energy dissipation and extremely rapid heat transfer between the pellet and the surface cause instantaneous sublimation of the solid CO2 into gas. The gas expands to nearly 800 times the volume of the pellet in a few milliseconds in what is effectively a "Micro-explosion" at the point of impact.

Dry Ice Blasting:

  • is a non-abrasive, non-flammable and non-conductive cleaning method.
  • is environmentally friendly and contains no secondary contaminants such as solvents or grit media.
  • is clean and approved for use in the food industry.
  • allows the cleaning of most objects locally without time-consuming disassembly.
  • produces no damage to active electrical or mechanical parts or fire.
  • can be used to remove manufacturing residues, release agents, contaminants, paints, oils and biofilms.

application examples:

  • Climate control - heat exchanger cleaning
  • Road construction - removal of the remainder of the bitumen and asphalt
  • Foundry - mold cleaning
  • Steel machining - Weld Cleaning
  • Plastic injection molding - Tool cleaning
  • Electronics - paint removal, cabinet-cleaning
  • Cleaning of electrical cabinets &, transformers
  • Car, truck - chassis and engine block-cleaning
  • Food industry - manufacturing residue removal
  • Winery - tartar removal
  • Fire damage waiver - soot removal
  • Buildings, Monuments - distance various residues, oxidation, Graffiti

In most case, a sample purification is carried out so that the customer sees, whether how quickly and effectively it works.



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